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Reductil 15mg diet pills

Slimming pills are no less than a blessing for obese men and women. These pills work best when consumed with an adequate exercise schedule and a healthy diet. Reductil 15mg is a good example of medications that are used for weight loss. It is an approved appetite suppressant prescribed to treat overweight individuals preferably people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and above.


Reductil contains hydrochloride monohydrate that affects and influences the neurotransmitter present in one’s brain. The intake of this medication influences one’s mood through the brain. Once consumed, the pills increase the satisfaction level thereby moderating or reducing an individual’s food intake.

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One should realize that Reductil 15mg is not a miracle drug and has several side effects of its own. Some side effects of Reductil include depression, headache or nausea, unnecessary sweating, an increase in temperature, blood pressure and heart rate, dry mouth and insomnia. Individuals with a coronary heart disease, liver or kidney problem and other heart issues should avoid the consumption of Reductil 15mg. Moreover it is advisable that pregnant women and new mothers who are breastfeeding do not use the medication as well.

Reductil 15mg comes in different quantities such as 28, 56, 84, 112, 140 and 168. Besides 15mg, this weight loss medication is also available in 10 mg. Doctors recommend to begin the course with 10mg pills rather than 15mg. It is recommended that one should consume only one tablet of Reductil per day. Although, it does not make a difference if one takes the pill before or after meals, it is safe to ask the doctor since dosage may differ from individual to individual. It is also important to remember that excess tablets consumed in a day can lead to the above mentioned side effects.